BREAKING: New Plants in Library

Sharon Franz and the cart of library plants.

Sharon Franz and the cart of library plants.

Olin Chalmers Library, home to vibrating cellphones and unceasingly noisy sophomores, has finally welcomed a silent contingency: new potted plants!

This afternoon, Sharon Franz, Kenyon grounds keeper extraordinaire, rolled a cart of plants through the library. As per request of the librarians, Franz placed the photosynthesizing newcomers on window ledges and tables as an effort to  “brighten up” the library. The plants are to replace the 30 year old ficus trees previously stationed in the library.

Cool! Potted plants good, Beta pledges bad.

10 o’clock list: Who Studies Where on Campus

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Library grumps are some of the best Kenyon people I know, and I know a lot of Kenyon people. But who are the library grumps? What makes them tick? How is a library grump different from a Gund Commons giggler and how are both united by a shared hatred of study-space ignorant homework completers? In this list, I won’t answer any of those questions, but I will make sure you get up to speed on the various Kenyon study space populations. This way, when you have an interaction with a steely-eyed, Adderall popping Junior, you’ll know exactly where to flee afterward.

Note: this list is not intended to enumerate the existence of every single study spot on campus, only to characterize the students who study in the listed locations.

  1. Gund Ballroom– First years. And people pulling serious all-nighters who live North.  Continue reading

How To Be A Person: Respectfully Answering your Phone in the Library



Here at The Thrill, we understand that you’re super popular, and that your cellphone can be a veritable grand central station at times. Unfortunately, sometimes your phone can start ringing at exactly the wrong moment, like when you’re in the library. Everyone’s experienced that heart-stopping moment when they hear their ringtone start playing in an otherwise silent room. But there’s no need to panic: here’s how to answer your phone when it surprises you with its jangling when you’re the library.  Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Top 5 Worst Places to Be, Well, The Worst

Get it together, buddy.

Listen, we’ve all been there. Even the most cool, calm and collected among us occasionally have our Real Housewives moments– whether that means flipping over a dining-room table, vehemently cursing out your significant other, drunkenly sobbing in an Old Kenyon bathroom or calling a friend from home to recount every exhaustive detail of that special encounter with that special someone.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a drama queen/king, read these tips to find out where it is never, ever permissible to lose your shit in spectacular fashion. Because the odds suggest that if you haven’t yet, you will. Continue reading