Electrocute Your Mothers! A One Week Retrospective

“What is done for fun can be fatal, and feel forever sad.” –A Friend’s Mother

What is Done For Fun

Hello everyone it is I, the Party Goblin. I’m the guy who most recently tricked too many people into believing that Sean Decatur was going to retire after I wrote a late April Fool’s post in which he was replaced by a raccoon. That of course was the endgame of a raccoon-led coup bent on spreading rodent rule across the campus. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before.

I’ve discovered through my time at The Thrill that I don’t actually need to come up with ideas. Instead I just make jokes to my Editor-in-Chief Erica Christie, and she comes back and tells me that’s what I’m doing. That’s how I ended up staying for two hours–as long as I possibly could have–at Shock Your Mom, Kenyon’s most naked and clammy party.

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First Years React: Shock Your Mom

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.51.17 PM

“OH…I NEED to go to that!”

Hey look! Our first year writers went to Shock Your Mom and behaved like the perfect angels they are. We asked them about it, but we don’t know why, considering they were all fully clothed and 100% sober the whole night. We at The Thrill have an extreme vetting process for hiring out new writers. We expect nothing less than perfection.

Saturday night started off as any good night should: with an unhealthy dose of RuPaul’s Drag Race and Lady Gaga music videos. This is honestly how I spend most of my nights, but Saturday had some extra flavor thanks to a peach energy drink that tasted like rat poison around 10 p.m.. With the energy drink (or rat poison, who really knows) and copious amounts of glitter, I was able to rally and head south for what I expected to be the highlight of my Freshman year: Shock Your Mom. Alas, it t’was not to be. I love being surrounded by half-naked, sweaty bodies as much as the next millennial, and I think I would have had a better experience had I not been completely sober and expecting Project X levels of insanity (tbh I’ve never seen that movie so I hope the reference works). Final Conclusion: I should have stayed home and watched Gremlins 2 while playing Ticket to Ride. Or I should have used more glitter. -Colleen Kemp

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Did You Actually Shock Your Mom This Weekend?


An Actual Image of Your Mom ~via st.depositphotos.com

Gremlins! As you already know (and if you do not know, please emerge from the mossy rock under which you are residing– we miss you), this weekend was Shock Your Mom. We at The Thrill are all about following through with our promises, such as promising to eat our way down Coshocton Ave, or to taste every single Italian soda at Wiggin, so we thought it only fitting to stay true to this promise. Which promise, you ask? Why, the promise of shocking our parental units, of course! After we scrubbed the glitter, beer, feathers, filth, etc. off our tired, tired bodies, we decided to ask our mothers whether or not they were, in fact, shocked by our Shock Your Mom outfits. Here are the responses we received.

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10 o’clock list: Anything But Shock Your Mom


There’s a storm a-coming! First years, beware, the party of the century is coming your way. Mothers will be shocked. Outfits will be worn. Things will happen, probably good and bad. But before I get into the meat and potatoes of this article, you may be asking, Ari what is Shock Your Mom?

Shock Your Mom is a party put on by the swimming team where attendees are encouraged to don outfits that would “shock” their mothers. Take that as you will.

This year, I want something different. I want something avant-garde, something that will stick out as a party to ~remember~. Gone will be the days of showing skin, wearing wigs, and putting on other garments that your mother would disapprove of. I want something novel and exciting. With that in mind, this is what I want to see instead of Shock Your Mom:

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First Year Reflections on Shock Your Mom

Via lgoogoogaga.wordpress.com

Shock Your Mom is the party you brag about to friends from other schools. Everyone remembers their first SYM at Kenyon (or distinctly don’t remember it).  We asked our First-Year writers for their thoughts on the party. Here’s what they had to say about their first encounter with Kenyon’s most scandalous tradition:  Continue reading