What Did You Do on Saturday?

haikus about pizza are fun

haikus about pizza are fun

This previous Saturday was quite the day.  It was 4/20, a day that allows you to and even celebrates when you completely confuse what is inside and what is outside. Shock Your Mom happened and the insanity that is expected to accompany it, did. So, to commemorate the joy that was this last Saturday, we decided to ask our rambunctious Thrill staff for their weekend anecdotes and emotions so that we could share them with all of you. Try and guess who said what.

I never left the dorm; not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Lessons We All Learned at Shock Your Mom

Last night, you saw a lot of things. Some were legendary. Some were terrifying. Some you wish you never saw. But, believe it or not, you learned a few life lessons. In tonight’s list we bring you the top five lessons we all learned at Shock Your Mom.

  1. Pacing — There are two must-go-to parties of the year, SYM and Sendoff. Take last night as a lesson in pacing.  SYM is a sprint, Sendoff is a marathon. Learning the difference only serves to benefit you. Continue reading