Professors Shock Their Moms

Shock Your Mom: the terrors, the swimmers, the crushed dreams. Since I have not had the opportunity to attend yet, I have no real idea what happens at Shock Your Mom, but I can certainly imagine. These clueless but speculative sentiments are shared by many of Kenyon’s professors who hear murmurs of this party from still-hungover students the following Monday. Nonetheless, when asked what would shock their mothers, they all seemed pretty amused. Without further ado, here are the outfits your own professors would wear if they came to SYM.

Professor Davidson, Adele Davidson, English Department, had a mother who was easy to shock. While Davidson primarily expressed that she would have had little interest in actually attending this party, she noted that her mother would have been shocked to see her in a bikini. That said, Davidson did buy “a (somewhat conservative by most standards) two-piece swimsuit” a year or so after she graduated from Kenyon. Davidson’s somewhat conservative two-piece was also the subject of much teasing from her grandmother, as there was “a good bit of social and fashion change between her childhood and my Kenyon and slightly post-Kenyon era.”

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Uphill/Downhill: Alcohol and Rivalry

It’s time for another round of Uphill/Downhill, which this week happens to be fueled by bad decisions and mortal enemies.

Uphill: SYM — We have to go with Shock Your Mom this week, because this is one of the best parts of the year.  I think that, after a spring semester marred by the loss of Phling (although I did have a grand ol’ time at the Black, White and Red Ball), we’re all looking for a reason to party.  This weekend, that reason is Shock Your Mom.  Some say that the Lords coming in second in the NCAA championship has made the event a little less than festive.  Think about this, though: how are we going to prove we’re the best DIII Swimmers in the country if we can’t party like it?

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