10 o’clock list: Upworthy Posts That Didn’t Make It to Your Newsfeed

upworthy pic

We’ve all seen them. You’ll never believe what this kangaroo pulled out of her pouch. Watch this child deliver a spiritual revelation that will literally blow your panties off. The embarrassingly easy thing you could do to gain 100 IQ points. Yeah. Ok. No. I DON’T NEED YOUR SHIT UPWORTHY. Maybe I look at Facebook because I want to be depressed, not inspired. Whatever. Despite this, we’re here with a few Upworthy posts that probably didn’t quite make it to your newsfeed. The inspiration is tangible.

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Poll: Whose Shoes Are Better

We here at The Thrill are fairly competitive. We bicker about everything from page views and post ideas to best party stories and hottest soccer players.  The genesis of this particular argument arose over a dinner conversation about newly acquired kicks — both editors believed their own shoes to be the best.  Without telling you which fly sneakers belong to which fly Thrill editor, we need you to help us settle this long standing debate.

Red versus Blue, who ya got?

Check out the poll after the jump!

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10 o’clock list: Five Worst Shoes For Middle Path

After a month at Kenyon, most students figure out that Middle Path does a number to their shoes. Gravel, mud, snow and ice all take their toll on our little booties. Still, some shoes handle the perils of Middle Path worse than others. In tonight’s list, I give you the top five types of footwear for walking along the inside filling of an eclair that unites our campus.

You tricky devil, you.

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Our Guide to Walmart’s Winter Boot Offerings

We’ve returned from our merry sojourns to discover that Gambier has changed in the month we were absent. There’s snow! Outside! On the ground! Sure, this is fun, but it also means we’re going to need to adjust our previously snow-free lifestyles. For example, consider switching over from desert boots to snow boots. What? You forgot your snow boots at home? Well here’s a handy photo guide to the best Walmart has to offer in winter footwear.

Perfect for snow hiking, not so perfect for wearing with formal clothing. You take what you can get when it comes to winter wear, I guess. Price: $32.87

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