Did You Actually Shock Your Mom This Weekend?


An Actual Image of Your Mom ~via st.depositphotos.com

Gremlins! As you already know (and if you do not know, please emerge from the mossy rock under which you are residing– we miss you), this weekend was Shock Your Mom. We at The Thrill are all about following through with our promises, such as promising to eat our way down Coshocton Ave, or to taste every single Italian soda at Wiggin, so we thought it only fitting to stay true to this promise. Which promise, you ask? Why, the promise of shocking our parental units, of course! After we scrubbed the glitter, beer, feathers, filth, etc. off our tired, tired bodies, we decided to ask our mothers whether or not they were, in fact, shocked by our Shock Your Mom outfits. Here are the responses we received.

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