Hidden Gems: The Woolson Company

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There’s more to life than this tiny hill, and the Thrill is venturing out into the world to highlight the best kept secrets of the towns around us. 

The Woolson Company

115 S Main St, Mt Vernon, OH 43050
(740) 392-0936

Since 1897, The Woolson Company has been a Knox County staple. It’s tucked away on the street opposite of Bayleaf (RIP) and, like the Room of Requirement, is only there when you need it most. I think. That’s the only way I can explain the fact that I hadn’t stumbled upon it before.

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10 o’clock list: Things I’m Sure No One Will Ever Buy at the Bookstore

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The Bookstore is a pretty bizarre place. Only half of it is really a bookstore–the rest functions as a weird convenience store-esque operation. And as with any good convenience store, there are items on the shelves that are never purchased, doomed to watch longingly as binders and copies of Liberal Arts find new homes. My favorite such item from last year, but unfortunately absent so far this year, is the inflatable Cthulhu arms, which I can only assume are used for an initiation ritual into a cult that is no longer allowed on campus. Next time you find yourself frantically searching for a forgotten sociology book, take a moment to admire some of the oddities that call the Bookstore home. Maybe you’ll even have pity on one and take it back to your dorm.

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Retail Math: The Splurge vs. The Save, Part I

In honor of a true style icon, Lilly Pulitzer- R.I.P. Photo by Slim Aarons.

“When to splurge and when to save?” is most certainly one of the biggest questions on a customer’s mind, given the variety of options available. As a sales associate at a specialty boutique, retail math has become apart of my professional skills set. But as a customer, I have become increasingly more aware of an item’s respective wholesale (the price at which a store purchases a garment) and mark-up values.

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Spring Break Travel Guide: NYC


This post was co-written by Olivia Grabar Sage and Sarah Cohen-Smith. 

After mid-terms, anything can really be a great escape from the old Gambeezy. And while racing sticks sure does sound like tons of fun, we’ll be kicking it back in New York over break. If you’re traveling to our hometown over the next two weeks, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep you occupied. Miles Purinton (’12) wrote a guide to New York for spring break last year, but we’ve got a few things to add! For starters, you really can’t miss the Derbytaunt Ball. It’s every angsty, rebellious teenage girl’s dream (Note: Not that we would know personally, we were definitely never angsty or rebellious), but everyone can have a blast. 

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