Domino’s Knows I Need A Ride: The Final Time


I did not ride in this fancy car, it was probably a Prius or something, I don’t know for sure.

And we’re back, folks. This is the last time (I promise) that I will tell this story, the story of my travels as a weary first year from South Campus to the lovely Lewis or Norton parking lot.

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Something to Argue About: Sarah Lawrence Professor Respects Kenyon, but Not Grinnell Basketball

In one of the more bizarre sports events of recent memory, Grinnell College basketball player Jack Taylor scored an astounding 138 points last Tuesday against Division III opponent Faith Baptist Bible College to bring his team to a 179-104 victory last week and earn him the NCAA single-game scoring record. While most of the media frenzy has been pro Jack-Taylor-shooting-the-lights-out,  Sarah Lawrence College American Studies professor Nicolaus Mills has recently spoken out in dissent. What does this have to do with Kenyon? To be honest, very little directly.

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