10 o’clock list: Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Break

thanksgiving-breakAh, Thanksgiving. The great American tradition that began in 1637, as pilgrims celebrated the murder of 700 Natives, and has now evolved into a Pinterest-recipe, burnt orange colored, festive twine-based, pumpkin fetishized, gorge-fest. But, for first year college students across the country, Thanksgiving mostly means the first time visiting home in three months. Being away from home for the first time makes you realize how much you took for granted. There are obvious things, like home cooked meals, good wifi, or hugs from your parents, but I urge you to dig deeper. This Thanksgiving, make the most of the teeny tiny things you once took for granted.

  • Use a really sharp knife: Yes, there are knives in Peirce, but they aren’t sharp. Cutting an apple is a challenge, and chopping protein for a salad is a chore. When you get home, grab a sharp knife, be it paring, butcher, or otherwise, watch that baby glide through a piece of produce, and then let the chills run down your spine.

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Sounding Off: Shower Sex

shower sex cat

Showers, we all have them. Some of us use them more than others and some of them use them with others more than others. In a campus full of doubles, finding a moment alone with someone special in a bed can be hard to come by. But shower stalls, shower stalls are always deserted. Annaliese and Becca have some things to say about the acceptability of using these empty showers for a non-cleansing purpose.

Annaliese: I’m paranoid enough about contracting some sort of foot disease when I head to the shower for a little scrub-a-dub-dub. I really would prefer to not have to worry about slipping on your bodily fluids as well.

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