Shit Kenyon Professors Say, Vol. II

shit prof 2

We really do!

These quotes have been collected from professors in various areas of study, by a variety of Thrill contributors. Click here for our previous installment. 

“I mean, obviously I’m leftist. I have leftist bias. But like, that shit’s racist.”

“I am older and meaner than the devil.”

“We all piss and shit.”

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There’s a New Ogrelord in Town


The Career and Development Office (CDO) has launched what perhaps will be its most successful advertising campaign yet — Scott Layson, Director of Career Development, super-imposed onto Shrek’s head as the CDOgre.

This triumph of Adobe Photoshop can be found on the first floor of Ascension, certainly, and perhaps elsewhere — we don’t claim to know the CDO’s life. The CDO, after all, is like an onion. It has layers.