10 o’clock list: Top Ways to Stop the Night Sweats

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This could be me, if I was made out of wax. (via dailymail.co.uk)

The dictionary on my computer defines sweat as “moisture exuded through the pores of the skin, typically in profuse quantities as a reaction to heat, physical exertion, fever, or fear.” I would say that’s accurate. After I read this definition I came to the realization that one, I might suffer from night terrors, and two, that I am not peeing my bed. No, it’s sweat. Sticky, yet sweet, sweat oozing from my pores as I sleep.  Yes, I am sweating while I sleep.* “Why? How? Are you ok?” — are all reasonable questions to ask anyone, who just told you that they perspire an absurd amount whilst they slumber.

But here’s the deal: I sweat at night because it’s been so gosh darn cold this winter that I have been wearing layers upon layers of clothing at all times but especially at night, because you know, it’s colder when the sun goes down.  But I am finding that two pairs of sweatpants over thermal underwear, a sweatshirt and a heat blanket is just too much. I’m comfortable as I drift off to sleep but I wake up tangled in my clothes and drenched in sweat. I don’t know if it’s at all related but I’ve definitely seen an increase of blemishes on my skin as well. Probably just a coincidence.

Anyways, in tonight’s list I offer a few suggestions for ending the horrible cycle of night sweats.

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10 o’clock list: 5 Reasons It Might Be OK That the Couches in Ascension Are Gone

ascension couches missing


So you wanted nothing more than to sleep off your St. Patty’s day hangover on an Ascension couch? Sorry to rain on your parade, but if you haven’t heard yet, the couches are gone. Before you round up the dog and pony show in protest, take a minute to think about the upside here. Some considerations:

  1. The Full Body Twitch. No, your seizure-like body spasm didn’t scare me at all. I’m just casually hovering over you waiting to do CPR because that’s how I make new friends. Continue reading

The Monday Catchup


Though Sandy may not go barreling straight through Ohio, we’re safely in the “Alert” zone of the map. (via weather.com)

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: This week’s lead story is Frankenstorm. Also known as “Hurricane Sandy” (or whatever),  Frankenstorm will soon make landfall somewhere in Delaware/southern New Jersey. From there it is projected (science for “we aren’t sure”) to come through Pennsylvania then bang a right and head to New York State. Will Sandy cancel classes? Will Vice President Biden make it to Gambier? I hope the answer is yes to both.

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10 o’clock list: Top Reasons Why Readings Days Are the Best

It’s glorious out!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the most magnificent three and a half days of first semester at Kenyon: Reading Days. (The man has tried to switch the name to “Fall Break” but we all know that’s just wrong.) I say three and a half because we all know Sunday evening is going to be hellish. But don’t think about that.  For those of you who have never experienced the glory of Reading Days, you’re in for a treat. In tonight’s list I present the top five reasons why Readings Days are the best:

  1. The Weather — Every year, without fail, we have perfect fall weather for three days in a row. The sun shines a little bit brighter, the air is a little bit crisper, and the leaves are a little bit oranger. I know that as I say this a giant cloud moves over Gambier, but let’s hope that the weather holds out for the next couple days. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: Five Best Nap Locations on Campus

If only these were standard-issue dorm furniture, none of us would ever be tired again. We'd also never graduate, finish an essay or so much as attend a single class.

There are few things more important to the lifestyle of a Kenyon student than the nap. Much like hugging your parents, napping is an activity that was cool when you were in kindergarten, became uncool in high school and is, now that you’re in college, cooler than ever. You don’t always have time to run all the way back to your room to pass out for 40 minutes between lunch and your next class, though, especially if you’re a North-dweller.

That doesn’t mean you can’t nap with the best of them, however. The Kenyon campus is full of secret and not-so-secret nap locations for the weary double major with two papers due tonight who hasn’t showered in a week. In no particular order, five of the best, most comfortable, quietest places to curl up, put your head on your backpack and forget your troubles.

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