Sleepy Notes, Volume III

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Typical disenchantment with morning classes.

Unlike the notes of our past sleepy class-goers, my periodic struggles to stay awake in my history lecture have been documented in stunning Helvetica and often carry messages that extend far beyond the classroom. Forgive the tacky font colors; that was my attempt to make my documentation of times passed more *~flirty and fun~*.

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Sleepy Notes: Vol. 2

Our second installment of Sleepy Notes is here- A Thrill Feature where we ask you for your notes, learn that you’re wasting your time and sleeping through your education. Good one guys.

Her phone is blatantly open on her desk, does no one feel weird about that?

We’ve all been there. Last class on Friday after pulling an all-nighter, sitting in your awkwardly small, wooden desk in Ascension, your propped-up hand acting as the only thing that keeps your crusty-eyed, drool-mouthed face from using your notebook as a pillow. You take another long sip of your lukewarm coffee, pinch the bridge of your nose until you draw blood, trying to focus on the lesson, and by the class’s end, you can’t remember if you went over conjugation of irregular French verbs or micro-theory or historic matriarchal societies. All you have are your notes, which might look something like this…

022     Why take notes when you can have a jellyfish declare its love for Amanda Palmer?

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Sleepy Notes

Shakespeare notes go a little awry at 6:40 a.m.

Shakespeare notes go a little awry at 6:40 a.m.

It’s crunch time. Your eyes are shutting involuntarily, your body is twitching, and you just shouted out some sleep-talking nonsense in the midst of class. What’s your solution? Right next the pile of drool lying on your desk is pure gold — well, not really, but there probably is a notebook. What do you do? Seize the notebook, caffeinate your imagination, and start taking notes. Hey, they may be subpar but who cares? We’ve all been there, and now we’re here to showcase some of your most nonsensical sleepy notes, straight from your 8:10 Econ class, your 4:00 a.m. all-nighter, and maybe even hour 3 of seminar. You’re welcome.

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