The Monday Catchup

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I think it’s safe to say it; I have an opinon about a thing at Kenyon. I think something is one way, but it certainly could be another way. If I publically say that we should change that thing, I know most people will agree with me. I also know that you are all afraid to change that thing — that very thing I now have a strong, fervent, dare I say piping hot, opinion about. Deep down we know that thing can change. Why are we so comfortable with that THING? We must discuss the thing at length. We must call our mom and explain that we plan on changing this thing. If we post about this thing on a subpar college humor blog maybe people will think about that thing. If enough people let other people know their opinion about the thing, maybe we could get that thing to be a different thing, or at least a better thing than it is now. I will not stand for stagnancy. It’s the Monday Catchup.

How was your weekend?

“Happy 5th of Halloween.”

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