The Monday Catchup



Good morning folks! Here’s what you missed while the snow was piling up aside your work.

The lead story: Today President Obama will announce a $4 trillion budget that includes a measure for a one time, 14% tax on overseas profits to fund infrastructure projects. This tax would target companies like Apple, which avoid US taxes by storing money overseas.

Also, congratulations to the New England Patriots on their win over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

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10 o’clock list: 7 Signs That Prove Kenyon People Like Smoking

Sure we can do silly things like “open a dialogue” or “vote” on this upcoming all-campus smoking ban. Or, if you’re like one of these people, you can get a Sharpie, find a “No Smoking” sign, and take matters into your own hands. I’ve scoured the campus to bring you 7 Signs That Prove Kenyon People Really Like Smoking:

1. Nosferatu Smoking
Nosferatu Smoking

I like this one. It’s understated, yet an excellent tribute to M. Night Shamylan’s favorite OG German expressionist vampire flick. Speaking of which, if that was you on the phone and you on the bus, then who’s been flicking the lights

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Historic Day for Smoking Bans

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

On this day in 2004, Ireland enacted a law banning the smoking of cigarettes in all workplaces (including pubs and restaurants).  Citizens of Ireland were bummed but also eventually got used to their new legally mandated lifestyles. Maybe you can sympathize? Empathize? You know, because of the Kenyon College smoking ban.

Kenyon and Ireland: loving beer, hating smokers.