We! Are! Sleeping! On! Canva!

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You may or may not be familiar with the website known as Canva

Canva gives you a bunch of templates for various types of visual content. You can make everything from a SoundCloud banner to a marketing proposal. I made my resume on Canva, I’ve made every single advertisement for anything I’ve ever done on Canva, I’ve even made gifts for people on Canva. Canva and I are intimate acquaintances.

To open your minds and hearts to the powers of Canva, I’ve cooked up some visual content for you all. I hope, that in this article, you can really experience the limitless opportunities this blissful platform can bring to you.

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Kenyon College Geotag Filters

Snapchat. What an app. The faceless ghost mediates flirty interactions, double chin selfies, and everything else us “youths” are up to these days. Snapchat has created a space for budding narcissists to perfect the use of the dog filter, amateur film majors to master the art of a 10 second video, and superficial friends to strive for a 100 day snap streaks. This godly creation must be celebrated because pure, unadulterated joy can only truly be found by watching someone else’s snapchat story, as you eat Cool Ranch Doritos in bed, and have fomo. Continue reading

The Monday Catchup

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Good morning folks! Here’s what was going on in the world while you were Fandangoing and watching the rain melt the snow.

The lead story: Senator Ted Cruz is calling on the US to arm the Ukrainian rebels in their fight against separatists supported by Russia. Meanwhile, European nations have called for a cease fire.

Coming up after the jump: Same-sex marriage in Alabama, Obama against domestic violence, Bruce Jenner involved in fatal car accident, Alibaba makes moves, and more…

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10 o’clock list: Other Social Media Kenyon College Should Get

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ICYMI, Kenyon got a a Snapchat a few weeks ago, and if that’s not how they’re gonna send out acceptances from now on, then what has this all been about? With Kenyon expanding its social media presence, what millennial-inspired fad will they turn to next? Queue that do-do-doo-do-do-doo dreamy noise that sitcoms have…

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Snapchat: An Opinion


So earlier today I woke up to an updated version of Snapchat. When the app first became popular, I was a little skeptical; why would anyone ever need this app (except to send nudie pics of course)? However, as most people did, I took to it pretty quickly. Sending little doodles of my surroundings to people who were basically forced to look at what I found interesting for no longer than ten seconds. Yesterday though, they added a feature that presumably will change the way Snapchat’s users will interact with the app. The new features is called “Stories” and it could not be any dumber.

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Morgasms: Talking Sex with SMCS

The Thrill is adding a revamped feature to the books, a wild and wonderful sex column à la Hafternoon Delight. The format will usually be Q & A-style, so send all of your sexual questions, hopes, and dreams to thekenyonthrill@gmail.com and we will work our hardest to get them answered for you. Since this is our first column, it’s been written in the form of a personal narrative. We are excited to start bringing sexy back to The Thrill.

Look at that coy smile...

Look at that coy smile…

I never considered the value of Snapchat as a service for sexting until yesterday at Peirce brunch. I have never used Snapchat for sending dirty pictures – never, in fact, taken any at all – though I can understand why the app has become so popular for that purpose. The picture disappears within a few seconds, and you get a notification if the recipient takes a screenshot. I have friends who do it. My snapchats are generally more along the lines of this: Continue reading