Kenyon Kritters: Hellbenders



A word of caution: The following is semi-educational and may not appeal to audiences whose brains have turned to primordial ooze over the two days we’ve been on break. Rated SQ for squishy biology.

How’s it hangin’ homo sapiens! It’s me again, the Early Bird, singing you the sweet sultry melodies of Mother Nature. So listen up, because boy oh boy do I have a hit for you.

October is by far the angstiest time of year. There’s that nagging chill in the air, the looming threat of midterms and even worse ~parents~ on the wind, and prickly tensions and tempers from the nearing apocalypse of this election season. Sometimes, you just want to curl up under a craggy rock at the bottom of a river, crank up the AC/DC and watch the world burn through your beady lidless eyes. Well, I have some friends to fuel your stir –crazy teenage rebellion. Deep in the depths of the Kokosing are creatures so dark, so mysterious, and so freaky it seems like they must have crawled out of another world … the Underworld, that is.

That’s right: the HELLBENDERS are here!

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