It Happened to Me: I Got Stuck in a Blizzard for 15 Hours

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Hello, yes, it’s that time of year again. Everybody’s making the trek home, whether that involves putting your trust in an elaborate bureaucratic system hellbent on putting you in a metal tube that slingshots you through the air, or taking matters into our own hands and driving home. I live on Long Island, a fact that for some reason upsets every single person I know. This means, among other things, that it’s a nine-hour drive from here to home, and with City traffic and Long Island traffic, it’s more like a twelve hour drive home. So I usually fly, but I have notoriously horrible luck traveling. If I fly, there’s about a fifty percent chance my flight will get cancelled. I’ve been laid over and stranded in Charlotte, Seattle, LaGuardia, Columbus, and Washington D.C., and one time I booked a flight that didn’t exist.

[Editor’s note: I was on the same flight as Chris for Thanksgiving break and we did have to deplane and wait for a new one because our first plane’s door hatch was broken, causing a 2 hour delay. Bad travel luck confirmed]

So last spring break I thought, why don’t I drive home. I didn’t have a car, but my friend Lily did, and she lived just outside New York City. Eight hour drive home, take the train into the city, and from the city to the island. What could go wrong?

I got stuck in a blizzard for fifteen hours.

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Snowcreatures of Kenyon


pictured: a world-weary traveler

As everyone on campus has no doubt realized, it finally got cold. And with that cold came snow, and with the snow came snow things.  Snow animals, snow people, snow demons (?). They will eventually melt into nothingness, as is life, but fortunately The Thrill photographed as much snow art as we possibly could, to preserve forever in the World  Wide Web. Check out more pics after the jump, and stay warm out there! Continue reading

The Kenyon Winter Wonderland: Unseen Beauties


“Everything the light touches is my kingdom”

We have the privilege of going to a school known for its stunningly gorgeous campus. However during winter, we all seem to forget how beautiful this campus and complain about things like how cold it is outside. Well I say enough is enough! In order to prove to everyone how wonderful this campus is during February, the best month of the year, I went on a photojournalistic journey to capture unseen beauty on this campus, and you won’t believe the awe-striking things I found.

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The Monday Catchup

I hope everyone had a warm weekend, mourning the loss of syllabus week, getting ready to re-familiarize with Olin and Moodle. Here is what people thought about the warm weather:

“For all you Californians, NO this is NOT what real winter looks like.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed frolicking in the weather and avoiding all my responsibilities!”

There you have it. Here’s what’s coming up in the foreseeable future:

  • A lecture by Ambassador James Pardew on “War and Diplomacy in the Balkans 1995-2008.” Community Foundation Theater. Tuesday at 7:00 PM.
  • A discussion with Robert A. Oden, Jr. Professor of Biology Joan Slonczewski, and Professor of Spanish Clara Román-Odio on Community-Engaged Learning. Olin Auditorium. Thursday at 11:10 AM.
  • “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder. Bolton Theater. Thursday at 8:00 PM. Friday at 8:00 Pm. Saturday at 8:00 PM.