Do It Today: Snowden’s Whiteness Group and Why You Should Go


This past week Juniper Cruz ’19, manager of the Snowden Multicultural Center began advertising a new group on campus she would be running called “whiteness group,” and urged people of all backgrounds to attend as a platform to discuss white privilege and how it affects not only Kenyon, but the larger community.  The first meeting last week was at 7 p.m. but was since moved to be every Tuesday at 4:10 p.m. in Snowden. (It should be noted that Snowden is now housed behind the bookstore. On some campus maps it still says it’s way the hell north by Bexley which is Very Wrong.) If you’re curious about Whiteness Group, here’s some information I got from Juniper about her thoughts and plans for the group: Continue reading

The Monday Catchup


US intelligence agencies have expressed concern over the impact of troop withdrawals on our drone program.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

The Lead Story: The drone program, a defining feature of President Obama’s foreign policy approach, could face new difficulties taking on Al Qaeda and its affiliates if US troops are forced to withdraw from Afghanistan this year. Reports the New York Times:

If Mr. Obama ultimately withdrew all American troops from Afghanistan, the C.I.A.’s drone bases in the country would have to be closed, according to administration officials, because it could no longer be protected.

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Do it tonight: Pesto Dinner

The food will be delicious, but there probably won’t be glowing sunshine.

Who doesn’t love pesto? If you don’t, you’re wrong. Come to the Pesto Dinner tonight at 6:00 p.m. at the Snowden Multicultural Center – because there is nothing that brings cultures together quite like pesto. The Wiggin St. Garden Club and ECO are joining forces to bring you homemade pasta with pesto, and there is really no reason not to go. You’ll even have time to run to Peirce afterwards if there happens to be cookie pie. So de-stress and chat with some probably-lovely people over a delicious homemade dinner.

Side Note/Fun Fact: The Snowden Multicultural Center is named after the first African-American couple to be married in Knox County. Their seven children performed in a family band.

What: Pesto all over the place and all up in your face.

Where: Snowden Multicultural Center (walking north, take the little path to the left of Middle Path past Watson, the CGE and the Eaton Center, and you’ll see it on the left).

When: 6:00 p.m.