Queer 101: The Mother******* Queer Death Trope


So many tears for so many queers ~via traitspourtraits.tumblr.com

What’s up, queer friends and allies? Are you ready for some more eduGAYtion? :) Unfortunately, today’s topic is going to be kind of frustrating. I’m here to discuss queer representation in the media. More specifically, I’m going to rant a little about something called the queer death trope. If you’re part of the queer community, you probably already know what this is. If you’re not part of the queer community, or are unaware that this is a thing (which is totally okay, but just prepare to have your dreams crushed), this week’s Queer 101 will quickly outline what the death trope is, why we should care about it, and why so many people are talking about it now. So throw on your mourning clothes and join me in my fictional graveyard as we explore one of the most unfair tropes in books, television, and other forms of media. Welcome, ladies, gents, and non-binary folks, to the land of the dead queers.

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The Kenyon College Tumblr Tag: A Review

via Wikimedia Commons

It seems like Kenyon’s social media presence has been ramping up recently, what with Chef Meagan at the helm of a Peirce Hall online revolution and the ever-present Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for different people and organizations around campus. One realm often unexplored is Tumblr, a popular microblogging site that specializes in destroying productivity. Posts are organized and made searchable by tags, so I explored #Kenyon College and found an interesting variety of posts. Continue reading

Internet Issues: Facebook

Social media is a jungle. And as we’ve all learned from Heart of Darkness, jungles can be hard to get through. Especially in a steamboat. That is why I am here to help you navigate through the dangerous world of the Internet, answering your pressing questions about social media and the ways you should and should not use it. Today’s topic? Facebook.


He’s really just begging her to unlink her Tumblr to her Facebook page.

Dear Claire,

At what level of real-life interaction is it appropriate to send a friend request to someone?


Needs Some Friends

Dear Needs Some Friends,

Anyone with crippling social anxiety feels a certain amount of trepidation about whether or not to press the ‘Add Friend’ button. Here are some quick questions to ask yourself before you make the final choice.

  1. Would you feel weird if they friend requested you?
  2. At a social engagement, would they say hello to you in a cordial manner? Maybe ask about the weather or the number of people dancing? Talk about yesterday’s assignment? Or would they, if approached by you, say hi in an overly sweet voice, then spot someone in their Econ class across the room and just have to go talk to them about an assignment, even though you are in their econ class and there was no assignment?
  3. Do you really want this person to see how many times your grandma posts that she loves you and hopes that you are making good choices on your wall?
  4. Could this person accept your friend request merely so they have jokes to put in their Thrill articles?

These are just some general rules to go by. Use your discretion and listen to your gut instinct. The best way to make friends is through personal interaction. I suggest stalking their Tumblr, finding out about their secret love for Digimon, then using that information to blackmail them into being your friend.

Good luck!


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The Drum Circles Are Coming


Well, we totally called this. It appears a group of students (perhaps faculty members) have started a branch of the anti-capitalist protests that are sweeping the nation, including major chapters in the big three Ohio cities.

So we’ve created a list of the top warning signs that you have found yourself in the Occupy Gambier camp:

  • Naked people who are just chillin’
  • Hand rolled cigarettes (NB: This could also mean you are on North Campus or outside the Horn)
  • Slavoj Žižek yelling
  • Signs urging the Nuge to divest from everything
  • A general stench coming from a refusal to use the hygiene products of the capitalist hegemony
All joking aside, we wish them luck. “Because,” to quote one of the greatest commercials of all time, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”