Professors’ Pods (Sorta): Lisa Leibowitz

Philosoraptor did not make the list.

This week at Professors’ Pods, we are doing something a little different.
Political Science Professor Lisa Leibowitz thought it would be more fitting to provide a list that is more personal to her.  A self-professed lover of Plato, Leibowitz brings a list of her favorite philosophers, which she rattled off in record time. It’s one thing to be able to rattle off the names of bands, but to be able to name your favorite philosophers is a whole new level of sophistication. So without further ado, I present Leibowitz’s list of her favorite philosophers (in no particular order).

Professors’ Pods: Howard Sacks

Kind of what I imagine Prof. Sacks' life to be like. ("The Last Waltz" via Wikimedia Commons)

Last week we hit you with a great playlist from Prof. Kontes of the Classics Department. This week, it’s all about Sociology.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Professor Howard Sacks on my radio show last October to play some of his favorite tunes.  He regaled me with stories of growing up listening to Bob Dylan (even skipping school the day he first heard him).  His playlist was a journey through music from Tin Pan Alley and the Mississippi Delta, to Ethiopia and France.  Like a modern-day Alan Lomax, Sacks even collected his own recordings with the Gambier Folklore Society (did you know “Dixie” was written in Ohio? He did).  Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

“The Man I Love”-Billie Holliday

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Professors’ Pods: Zoe Kontes

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so for those of you who are unfamiliar with the feature, we ask faculty members what they’ve been listening to and their favorite songs. Our last article profiled the musical tastes of the esteemed Fred Baumann of the Political Science Department. Baumann jammed to classics like “Dove Sono” and “Pase el agua ma Julieta.” A little short on time this week, we are pulling up a playlist created by Professor of Classics Zoe Kontes. Maybe not what you’d expect from a professor who specializes in Greek and Roman numismatics, but perhaps even the classics department has a little bit of street cred.

The first track for Kontes has to be “Dalliance” by the Wedding Present, the first song she plays at the beginning of her weekly radio show on WKCO.

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