Kenyon Klexicon: R is for Ralston House


To the very west of campus lies a building nestled and hidden behind trees and houses alike. It’s dark red exterior with white  The House itself holds a lot of Sociology professor’s offices, while the classroom is where most of the learning happens. And although it’s nice, it is far. Like, you have to plan your whole day around making a trip to Ralston.

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Kenyon Doppelgängers: Harlee Mollenhopf ’17 and Maya Street-Sachs ’17

The 5'2 first-years

The 5’2 first-years

Harlee Mollenkopf ’17 and Maya Street-Sachs ’17 have been aware of each other’s presence on campus for quite awhile now. Both girls, bustling with laughter, commented on how often they are mistaken for each other. Maya noted that she was mistaken for Harlee earlier in the week when a concerned student asked her how her leg was doing (Harlee hurt her leg a few weeks ago in a sledding accident.) Both girls commented on times people got angry when they did not answer a call for the other girl. Maya even was offered a potential lover when one of Harlee’s exes said “Why don’t I just date you? You’re basically Harlee anyway.”

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Overheard at Kenyon, “I’m not gonna sociology people”

funny-picturesvia (hahaha).

We at the Thrill have very large ears, and they’re always lingering. I thought that I might have gone deaf after Black, White, and Red All Over last night, but I woke up this morning and could still hear a little. In celebration–and an intense need to procrastinate–I compiled some of your most embarrassing overheard moments:

Admiring guy: “You were a vodka queen last year.”

  • Sentimental girl: “I wish I still were.”

Man, after ordering a chocolate covered cherry mocha at Wiggin St.: “WHO’S not comfortable with his masculinity?!?!”

Newcomer to the pre-game: “Is that nail polish?”

  • Guy standing by the window: “No, it’s a vaporizer.”

For more of the embarrassing things you’ve said, read on!

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