Campus Cats with Cat



Cats are a central part of life here at Kenyon. Sometimes it seems like there are hundreds of little yellow or green eyes watching you on your late-night market runs. Other times, they’re nowhere to be found (especially when it’s raining). Some of them are friendly. Some are skittish, some are demons, and some are a mixed bag. Whatever their personalities may be, I think it’s safe to say that this is campus is their home, too. So, we should strive to treat them with kindness and give them the space they deserve! Here’s a guide to the most famous cats on campus (and whether or not they’re approachable). Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I’m not an art major; my cat doodles are shitty. Sorry about that.

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The Aged Peirce Napkin

Such a luxurious texture. (Photo by Claire Berman '16)

Such a luxurious texture. (Photo by Claire Berman ’16)

Just over two weeks ago I shoved a Peirce napkin in the pocket of my overcoat. I don’t remember why exactly, perhaps I was doing Peirce on the go, or had a runny nose. The reason for my action is lost to the sands of time, but the initial action set forth a chain of events that allowed me to make a wonderful discovery. Continue reading