Seniors React: Senior Soirée

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After years and years of anticipation, the night of Senior Soirée has come and gone. We gathered in formal wear, indulged in dance and drank, and some of us may have taken a tumble. By the end of the night, we had all truly relished in our fleeting youth, thanks to Kenyon for supplying the free booze! We asked some of our senior writers to reflect on this bacchanalian evening.

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The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did: Sit on My Own Hand

And now one of our favorite features: The Dumbest Thing I Ever Did, written by Abby Roberts ’15. Not physically though, because she broke her wrist. Click here for more in this series.


I was told not to pregame Soiree because there was going to be a lot of alcohol provided for us– it wouldn’t even be necessary to drink before, you could get sufficiently wasted there. But you see, I move to the beat of my own drum, which means I started drinking at 5 pm, so by 8 pm I was G2G. (So good to go. I don’t think I can explain how good I was.)

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A Guide to Soirée Season

Seniors, Soirée is upon us, and, as the invitation states, it’s semi-formal attire. First and foremost, let’s define semi-formal attire. Now, in order to do so, I consulted a trusted source — Emily Post’s Etiquette, a reference concerning proper social conduct and manners, e.g. navigating social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and polite cell phone usage. I received Etiquette as a Sweet Sixteen gift from my mom and it’s been an invaluable source. I’ve consulted it when crafting thank-you notes and searching for a suitable interview ensemble, so if you don’t already own it, I’d recommend purchasing it. Here are Ms. Post’s thoughts on semi-formal attire:

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