Peirce Date: Solange Knowles, Bunny Rabbits, and Geckos

Hey y’all, we are picking back up on one of exciting features, Peirce dates! For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with The Thrill’s dating service, a Peirce date it is a lovely thing where the yenta at The Thrill set two people up on a blind date at Peirce, and then we find out how it went. Hilarity ensues.

I arranged to meet our two lovely contestants at the upstairs couches in Peirce this past Monday evening. Madi Thompson ’16 arrived first, looking casual yet chic with just a hint of detectable nerves. We chatted about life, love, sex, rock and roll, and of course, bunny rabbits. Brett Miller ’15 then came dashing in with an excited energy that made us both smile. I quickly explained the basic rules to them and set them free in Peirce. I probably should have attempted to reserve them a table…it was rush hour after all. Luckily they found a table on the outside patio, which seems a much more romantic setting than new side. Let’s officially meet your two contestants.  Continue reading