10 o’clock list: 5 Living Arrangements You Haven’t Considered Yet


I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone that the housing lottery is just around the corner. My e-mail inbox is filling up with increasingly urgent messages from ResLife and relationships are starting to get so tense that Peirce feels like the set of Sophie’s Choice. So, if you want to branch out from typical housing options like the New Apartments, Old Kenyon, or the NCAs, here are some alternative living arrangements that are sure to tickle your fancies.

  1. The Hallway of Farr Hall: I know that the actual dorm rooms in Farr Hall are supposed to be quite nice, but why not try something a little more outside of the box? The hallway entrance to Farr is perfectly located. You are equal distance between a lovely bathroom and the delicious Deli. Bring a mattress down and set up shop. You will never be hungry, and if you get bored the WKCO offices are sure to provide you with some entertainment and a great music collection. The lighting may not be ideal, but hey, I would sacrifice good lighting for proximity to Deli breakfasts any day. Continue reading