Rush Week Sound Off



look at all those letters

look at all those letters


Rush week is here and there are posters advertising the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood in what feels like every bathroom stall on campus. You might be wondering–to rush or not to rush? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer that question! So here are some responses from Thrill Writers and why they did or did not rush.


“Even though all my friends are mighty involved in rush activities, my life is filled with entirely too much general, academic, and professional rushing to find time to participate in social organizations that I have to pay for. Because that’s the thing…you have to pay money to rush; I would rather pay money for a Netflix subscription and lure friends to hang out with me that way. (I’m not against people who rush…Community is important and fun, yo.)” – Anna Libertin ’18


“Joining a sorority was the last thing I thought I’d do when I went to college, However, AST convinced me that Greek life was something I wanted to be a part of. My journey with AST has carried me all the way through realizing the fact that I wasn’t a sister, but a sibling (a.k.a, when I realized I was genderqueer). The women in my sorority have been and continue to be so supportive throughout my transition and have even switched to using more gender-neutral language! Yay AST!” – Cat March ’19


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Study Abroad Sound-Off

The deadline for the OCS application is coming up in just a few short days. If you’ve been undecided/confused/lost about the process, have no fear; the upperclassmen of the Thrill staff are here to save you! Below are just a few stories. Their sample size does not in any way represent each and every perspective, but regardless hopefully this helps clear some things up.

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Fandango: Seniors Sound Off

The phrase I'd use to describe Fandango is: "Emotional DIY Fancy Party Wedding" (via

The phrase I’d use to describe Fandango is: “Emotional DIY Fancy Party Wedding” (via

You heard the screams of slap-happy seniors drifting through your open window at 2:00 A.M. Saturday morning. You saw the confetti strewn in the snow outside your dorm. You poked at the eye bags of hungover seniors as they waited in line at the deli after a night of gettin’ down with their favorite professors. But what was Fandango really like? My plebeian underclassman self interviewed some pretty neat Thrill seniors in order to find out.

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Kenyon Students Sound-Off About Yik Yak

yik yak kenyon

Examples of Kenyon yaks

In the recent article “New app broadcasts Kenyon’s stream of consciousness“, the Kenyon Collegian reviewed the role of Yik Yak on Kenyon’s campus. The app acts as a “virtual bulletin board” where students can “yak” anonymously and see other users’ posts within a ten mile radius of where they are posting. The Collegian article gathered some student impressions of both the positive and negative implications of being able to post anonymously on such a small campus.

What exactly does Kenyon’s “stream of consciousness” say about us? The Thrill asked students to sound-off anonymously, as they would in the Yik Yak forum, in order to build on the impressions from the Collegian article :

  • YikYak is a hilarious app that needs to be taken lightly. When you start to take it seriously that’s when the fun goes away. Most of the “offensive” yaks were written by friends of the yak subject, so everyone chillax.”
  • I think the anonymity of Yik Yak inherently lends itself to cyber bullying. This anonymity encourages students to not take responsibility for their thoughts and ideas, or how those thoughts and ideas may affect other people.”

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