The Thrill Editors Confess Their Most Regrettable Purchases

et mask

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Okay. So, it’s the end of the semester and I’m pretty sure we’re all going through it. There are so many papers, exams, and projects that sometimes all you want to do is make an unneeded Market run or impulse buy whatever type of alien mask is at the top of your Amazon wishlist. While we at the Thrill aren’t always the biggest fans of capitalism, we can 100% relate to using our meager Kenyon wages to buy things that were 100% unnecessary. Below are some such examples of Thrill editors proving that we are all just dumb babies who should not be trusted with real money.

  • The ramen noodles that gave me second degree burns
  • I bought an E.T. mask online and I don’t regret it but I guess it could be considered “regrettable”

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Do it tonight: Empty Bowls Dinner

Tonight, the Craft Center will be hosting it’s Empty Bowls Dinner from 5-7PM in the Peirce Alumni Dining Room. There will be a soup dinner, as well as bowls that will be available for purchase through silent auction of bowls both from the Empty Bowls workshop in September, as well as some professional pieces. All of the proceeds go to Food for the Hungry in Knox County.
  • What: Empty Bowls Dinner
  • When: Tonight from 5-7PM
  • Where: Alumni Dining Room in Peirce

Morning Weather Check

It's a wild world out there

It’s a wild world out there.

Advice informed by today’s hourly weather forecast: Do not go outside. Stay in your Snuggie and make your roommate take regular trips down to the VI for soup and grilled cheese. In case you do decide to venture outside of your room, the high today is 21 degrees Fahrenheit with consistent snow showers throughout the day.

Hot New Menu Item at Wiggin Street Coffee


This odd ’50s themed image is meant to alert you that soup’s on!

In perfect conjunction with the heart pounding anxiety of finals week and the shuddering gloom of our current weather situation, Wiggin Street Coffee has just added a new and delicious item to their menu. They are now serving, in the words of a friend behind me in line, “Fancy, new winter soups!” For the foreseeable future, there will be a different flavored soup served at Wiggin Street each week. Last week featured a tomato and pesto soup with goat cheese that I heard was out of this world. The cafe is currently out of stock, so there is no soup available to all you soup lovers, but fear not, the soup should be back with surprising new flavors in a matter of days. Absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder.