Lit Lit: Lolita


Lit Lit is a segment here on The Thrill in which I get someone lit (yup) and then that someone chooses a work of literature and gives me a summary and quick discussion of the themes of that work” (Raffa 2017). We’ve got Cream of Focaccia (a self-proclaimed “NNabovokov” expert and enthusiast) here to talk to us about Lolit(lit)a. Due to some technical difficulties, this Lit Lit is a little nontraditional.

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“What The Heck??” Of The Day



Kenyon Community. What the heck is this?? On Google Maps, locating the KAC with satellite images turned on gives you the KENYON SPACE STATION.

Somebody call NASA! Ohio’s best and brightest may just be the next ones to the moon.