Kenyon Ghost Stories



In preparation for Halloween, we’ve compiled some of your spooky tales over the last couple of years.  Are our classmates pulling our legs or have some had real supernatural encounters?  You decide!

Amanda Holme ’16:

Earlier this year, I was walking back one night after a long day at the library.  It was just starting to get dark, so I didn’t notice at first this weird creature in the distance in a tree, making a cat-like noise.  I squinted at it but it was definitely not a cat – it was too small and its ears were too long.  If I’m being totally honest, it looked like a weird squirrel and rabbit hybrid.  I didn’t want to get to close to it, so I snapped a picture to show people and fled the scene. Continue reading

From the Collegian Archives: Ghosts


We’ve all heard the rumours and stories about ghosts at Kenyon. From the Gates of Hell to the perils of Caples, we are a (supposedly) haunted school. In honor of Halloween, today I present a ghostly opinions piece from a 1996 issue of the Collegian. Now turn your attention to the writings of Mr. Tim Mutrie and his thoughts on ghosts at Kenyon. Continue reading

Interview With a Kenyon Ghost

As every first-year who actually goes to the scheduled orientation activities knows, Kenyon College has had a long and varied history with the supernatural. From the mystic who came to campus and dubbed it the Gates to Hell, to Casper, our ironically-named Caples specter, Kenyon’s metaphysical history is almost as interesting as our list of Civil War-related alumni.

Yet, many Kenyon students go through their four years (or five, you know, depending on how your comps went the first three times) without ever having a supernatural experience (besides the sinking suspicion that there’s something other than deep regret walking back with you to your NCA after a long night in Olin). However, a few of the residents of Crozier have been experiencing some unexplainable phenomenon since moving in, such as frigid nighttime temperatures and a mysterious light turning on by itself. Rather than just calling maintenance to get things checked out, I came by to unlock the mystery of one of Kenyon’s supernatural friends myself.

Continue reading