10 o’clock list: Activities That Could Potentially Be Second Base

kcard 2nd base

Some say it’s over-the-clothes heavy petting, others say it’s a little bit of hanky panky with the peepees and weenies, but the fact of the matter is that “second base” is an ambiguous intimate activity that no one is quite sure how to define. We all know first base is kissing, third base is sex, and fourth base ghosting, but here’s a few things second base might refer to:

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If Winter Olympic Sports were Kenyon Students


Snowboarding enters Pierce, walking on the seal like they always do. The just came out of their 9:40 class where they made wildly outrageous comments, using the right words but always producing an incoherent conclusion. Snowboarding is the type of kid that doesn’t use shower shoes but does own a blow dryer. They’ve been known to fuck up royally, time and time again, but their friends forgive them and like to tell the story of that one time, freshman year, when Snowboarding did an air-to-fakie-mclovin-ollie-nickolas-cage-switch-flip-shaun-white-bring-back-your-long-hair-1080 out of the bullseye window.

Snowboarding settles down on old side with a Peirce Cup full of whole milk.

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10 o’clock List: Spring Sports You Didn’t Know About

Students play their favorite games on an early spring day (via Special Collections)

Even though it’s cooled down recently, the weather this weekend proved that it is definitely springtime. And with that, Kenyon students are starting to practice an new set of sports. Of course, there are the ones you expect – lacrosse, cross country, and the like – but Kenyon is actually home to many other, more unique sports. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the most noteworthy teams to join. Continue reading

SPORTS Releases New Album

Cover art for All of Something

On Friday, the Kenyon band SPORTS released their new album, All of Something. Various blogs and websites, including NPR Music, featured singles from the album in the lead-up to its release. The band also received a shoutout from Rolling Stone‘s website, which wrote:

Sports are a great band with an un-Googleable name. Don’t hold it against them: Their excellent new album, All of Something, is full of sharp, sweet songwriting that will make you want to listen to it again as soon as it’s over.

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SPORTS’s Busy Summer

From the band's Facebook

via the band’s Facebook

The band SPORTS had quite an exciting summer. Consisting of Carmen Perry ’15, Benji Dossetter ’15, James Karlin ’15, Catherine Dwyer ’14, and Jack Washburn ’16, SPORTS plays infectious high-energy power pop reminiscent of bands like Swearin’, Aye Nako, and Hop Along. Earlier this year the band recorded their second album, All of Something, with Kyle Gilbride (of the aforementioned Swearin’) in Philadelphia. Since then, three singles off the album have been released, and the songs have been featured on BBC Radio 1, Vice’s Noisey blog, Stereogum, and NPR’s All Songs Considered, among others.

All of Something is being released by Father/Daughter Records on October 30th (you can preorder the record digitally and on vinyl here). In the meantime, you can listen to the rest of the band’s music on their Bandcamp page. With most of its members graduated and scattered around the country, it’s unclear what the future holds for SPORTS, but hopefully this new record is not the last we hear of this exciting Kenyon band.

Weekend Sports Roundup

The men's tennis team (via athletics.kenyon.edu)

The men’s tennis team (via athletics.kenyon.edu)

Here are the results from this weekend:


Men’s Lacrosse vs. Ohio Wesleyan University (at NCAC Tournament): Loss 3-15


Men’s Tennis vs. Ohio Wesleyan University (at NCAC Tournament): WIN 5-0

Women’s Tennis vs. Allegheny College (at NCAC Tournament): WIN 5-2

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