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The Monday Catchup

Good Morning Kenyon! Hope y’all had a great sprrrraannnggg breakkk. It’s that time when students flee the bleak Ohio vastness and seek out sunny locales to partake in much debauchery! Here’s some reflections on break, the changes to Kenyon while we were gone, and “Wait, was The Cove even real? Maybe, it just sublimed, and once it cooled, it solidly deposited in

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The Friday Ketchup

It’s the last day before Spring Break. That’s right, soon you’ll be sitting at home or at a beach or somewhere else relaxing and enjoying your downtime, forgetting about everything at Kenyon, including all that work that your professors assigned over break. That’s right, you won’t be reading that 300-page book for your English class, or that dense 50-page article

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Weekend Playlist: Spring Breakers

It’s the American dream y’all. Spring Breaaak. NETFLIX AND BIG SWEATPANTS Y’ALL THAT’S WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT! Whether you’re going home or going on an adventure to another planet on your spaceship bed, it’s time to celebrate with the perfect movie Spring Breakers. So get your tanning oil, lay out by the pool, and stop acting ‘spicious! Big Bank– Rick Ross, Pill, Meek

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10 o’clock list: Things Kenyon People Don’t Do Over Spring Break

The college spring break has obtained a near-mythical status in the collective American conscious. Ask anyone what images the words conjure up, and you’re likely to get descriptions of debauchery that would terrify the poor parents of the vacationing students. There have been numerous movies on the subject, most recently Spring Breakers. As (in)famous as the college spring break is however,

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