Spring Break Forever

Dear Thrill Readers,

It’s Spring Break y’all, it’s the American Dream. We are taking a pause and will resume posting when classes are back in session. So get your sunscreen and lay out by the pool, or just hole up for two weeks to watch the new season of House of Cards, and we will welcome you back when break is over.

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The Monday Catchup


It’s like a scene from “Where’s Waldo?”

Good Morning Kenyon! Hope y’all had a great sprrrraannnggg breakkk. It’s that time when students flee the bleak Ohio vastness and seek out sunny locales to partake in much debauchery! Here’s some reflections on break, the changes to Kenyon while we were gone, and

“Wait, was The Cove even real? Maybe, it just sublimed, and once it cooled, it solidly deposited in our memories.”

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The Friday Ketchup


It’s the last day before Spring Break. That’s right, soon you’ll be sitting at home or at a beach or somewhere else relaxing and enjoying your downtime, forgetting about everything at Kenyon, including all that work that your professors assigned over break. That’s right, you won’t be reading that 300-page book for your English class, or that dense 50-page article for Political Science, and you definitely won’t be writing that paper due a few days after you get back from break. I mean, why would you? It’s not like once you get back it will all come crashing down on you like a pile of bricks, crushing your very soul along with your GPA. I’m sure it will be fine. Enjoy your break. You earned it. It’s The Friday Ketchup
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