Thrill Movie Reviews: Involvement Fair Videos

With this slightly unconventional start to the school year, organizations on campus have had to adapt in order to recruit new members. Postponed are the days of the in-person activities fair, which means clubs have had to make the best of our largely-virtual Kenyon experience by making informational videos about themselves. I commend this effort, and decided to make the best of the situation myself by reviewing a few as if they were movies and the satire blog I write for were Letterboxd for a moment.

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The Monday Catchup


The description for this photo: finals-night-young-caucasian-student-struggles-to-stay-awake-next-to-spilled-coffee-pile-books-white-background

As the chill settled upon our hill last evening, I found myself restored to an infantile state. Here I sit now weeping, tired, and drinking from a coffee cup as if it was teat supple with mother’s milk. Yes, a coffee teat. I can’t tell if that last image was a product of creativity or fatigue. It was probably the latter. Find me Friday at 6:30pm. I’ll be in a better mood- certainly a different state. Many of you were in a different state, too this weekend. Here’s what you had to say!

If I had a baby at the beginning of the semester, it would be a semester old. Wow.

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Do it Tonight: Stairwells Concert

I’m told there will be banjo aplenty at the Horn tonight

Two days into finals, and I’m sure it feels like there’s no end in sight. Thankfully, the Stairwells will be performing some songs in their patented “acousticapella” style. Their chill, folky vibes will help you see the light at the end of the finals week tunnel.

  • What: Stare Well with the Stairwells
  • Where: The Horn Gallery
  • When: 10:o4 p.m.

Do it tonight: The Stairwells “Bear With Us” Concert

The Stairwells, one of Kenyon’s overwhelming number of a cappella groups, but the only one to present something called “acoustapella,” will be performing tonight at 8 in the Horn Gallery. The “folkesque” mixed-gender group will also be providing snacks! No word on whether bears will be involved. If you really love a cappella and/or procrastination, you can see them and the Ransom Notes at 7!