First-Years v. Construction

futuristic cityWith all the construction it’s pretty hard to tell what’s actually being accomplished.

Some might say it’s impossible in fact. Especially for a first-year who has a lot of other things to think about.

This is the story of one woman’s journey to see how outlandish of construction projects she could convince first-years to take a stance on. (Deep thanks go out to all the first-years interviewed for being good sports and generally hilarious people).

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Costs a Latte: The Most Expensive Coffee in Gambier

So last year, there was this article, which showed that a woman broke the record for most expensive Starbucks latte. The cost totaled at $57 post loyalty card (it was $60.58 initially, which is BEYOND obscene).

As a hardcore investigative reporter I thought, Hey what’s the most expensive drink we could make at Wiggin Street Coffee? I reached out to Alicia Wright ’16, an employee at our beloved coffee shop, for answers. AND DID SHE DELIVER. Not only did she give me the answers I needed, SHE MADE IT FOR ME FOR FREE. Continue reading

The Monday Catchup

Houthi rebels (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while enjoying the beginning of spring this past weekend:

The lead story: A civil war may erupt in Yemen as Houthi rebels seize an airport. The rebels are Shiite Muslims in a predominately Sunni country and have been responsible for fomenting violence in the country, including helping to remove the Yemeni president from office in January. The United Nations Security Council has backed President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi though it warns of civil war. There are also concerns that al-Qaeda or ISIS may take advantage of the situation. The U.S. removed its troops from the country over the weekend.

Coming up: Starbucks and race, a state funeral for Richard III, oil prices, and developments in Ukraine.

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Kenyon Presidents Promise Your Liberal Arts Education Still Matters

Just think: this could be you

Just think: this could be you

We’ve all been there: jarred awake from a nightmare in which we’re told our Kenyon degree just won’t cut it in this competitive job market.

Fear not, Lords and Ladies. Kenyon Presidents of past and present are coming out of the woodwork and onto the Internet to let you know just how valuable your liberal arts degree really is.

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