Starter Packs for Your Dorm

kenyon sp with border

Dorms. Among the filth and mold, we’ve learned to call them home. Part of the fun of these exorbitantly expensive cinderblock jail cells is leaving your (temporary) mark on the place and putting your unique spin on the place. But, as unique as we are all hell-bent on convincing ourselves that we are, these places have more of an impact on us than we like to admit. What does your dorm say about you?  Continue reading

Starter Packs for Your Major


Majors. We all got ’em. We all change our identities to conform to ’em. Are you really an Econ major if you show up to class wearing something other than sweatpants or a suit? Probably not. We here at The Thrill are simplifying the process for you with this list of starter kits for your major. Thinking about declaring? Check the this first.


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