Do it Today: Free STD Clinic @ Health Center


The Health Center will be offering free testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia from 3 to 6 pm today. A limited number of HIV tests will also be available, though the number may increase based on demand. The process is confidential, stress-free and there will be self-collection (i.e. no physical exam), so whether you think you need to or not, head down to the Health Center this afternoon to take charge of your sexual health! No appointment necessary. Oh, and say hi to Kim Cullers, because she is the queen.

  • What – Free STD testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV
  • Where – The Cox Health & Counseling Center, 101 West Scott Lane (past the Post Office)
  • When – 3 to 6 pm today, Monday, Feb. 23rd
  • Why – Because it’s never a bad idea to check up on your sexual health in a professional and respectful environment. (Especially when it’s free.)

Lady in the Street But a Creek in the Bed: Numero Trois

We know you’ve always dreamed of being featured on a Thrill sex column — Remember to send all of your sexual questions, hopes, and dreams to or in the comments below, and we will work our hardest to get them answered for you.

Hey little chachis, have ya missed me? Just kidding, I’m sure that since I’ve gotten back you’ve read every word that I have written, talked to me extensively, and told me how much sexier I have gotten- and I truly, truly agree with you. I have gotten sexier. But you haven’t. Sorry. But I’m here to fix that. And I gotta swoop in before you guys give all your lovey and sexy questions to Lauren Toole on The Collegian. She seems great, though. You just gotta talk shit sometimes. [Ed. — Lauren, you rule. Please don’t sell our domain name to The Observer.]  

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