10 o'clock list: Kenyon Majors That Strike Fear Into My Heart


In the two years I’ve endured at Kenyon, my fight or flight response has helped me navigate campus and kept me alive. Nothing triggers this instinct more than running into certain Kenyon majors. You know who I’m talking about—that one person who just looks like the poster child for their respective major. Their entire identity revolves around their major. I’m not saying that every person who decides to pursue these academic endeavors is inherently frightening, but there’s a reason these majors are featured on this list.

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A STEM Major’s Foray into the Arts

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When it comes to distribution requirements, Kenyon students talk about the dreaded “QR.” For me, it has been the opposite: the dreaded “Fine Arts” requirement. After agonizing over voice lessons or piano, art history or drawing, I settled on Sculpture I. Why I decided on this, I don’t know. I am decent at drawing, but in high school, my geometry teacher told me I was “spatially r*tarded.” So naturally, I decided to sign up for a class based on making shapes in 3D look like things.

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This is When a Horrible Math Class is Going to Force You to Hand in Your Paper Late

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Classes in the Roth (aka Peirce) computer lab are the bane of every social science and humanities majors’ existence. Every single time you leave printing your paper until the last ten minutes before class and rush down from lunch to attempt to connect to the network and unjam the printer in between executing final punctuation edits, there is a dumb economics class occupying the computer lab. We can (You Will) see that Kenyon is catering to the STEM set, but English majors need A’s too! Let us print!

As an attempt to buoy the Grade Point Averages of the least important members of community, here is a reproduction of the Roth Lab schedule.

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