Meatshitter: A Parody


You will develop an intuition.

That is, you’ll learn to check Fusion first for pasta (unless you’re gluten free; then you stride to the private fridge). Then Vegetarian because they have what’s at International, but with more zucchini and cauliflower. International is hit or miss, and the lines are almost always long. If nothing looks good to you, there’s always cold cuts and salad and cereal. You’ll learn what you like. Peirce is good to us.


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Stephanie Danler is Here and You Better Come Listen!


Best-selling author Stephanie Danler ’06 will be at Kenyon this afternoon for a reading of her novel Sweetbitter. Show up to Cheever Room in Finn House this afternoon (September 15th!) at 4:10 pm. It’s gonna be sweet and bitter but mostly sweet.

Danler majored in English at Kenyon and earned a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from the New School. She currently is based in Brooklyn, New York.