Your Sunday Study Break, Courtesy of Buzzfeed and “Arrested Development”

"Look, I know you got a crocodile in spelling, but..."

“Look, I know you got a crocodile in spelling, but…”

You need a break. Look at you. You’re disgusting. You haven’t left Olin all weekend and there’s coffee all over your shirt and the various strands of your unwashed hair are forming to create one massive, greasy chunk of super-hair that cannot be pried apart by sheer human will.

On that note, here’s a Buzzfeed article that tells you “How to Get Instantly Alerted The Second “Arrested Development” Shows Up on Netflix” — just text “ANN” to 619-EGG-VEAL. If you’re as passionate as we at the Thrill are about Arrested Development, this should bring some joy to your finals-ravaged heart. Now, for the love of God, close your notebook and go re-watch Season 2 of AD on Netflix.