Mistakes to Make/Avoid While Abroad


“Thanks to my time abroad, I came to understand perspectives I’d never considered and make connections with others in a whole new way! I can only describe it as life changing.”                ~Elana Spivack ’17 after taking a picture with this cat in Morocco

You just came back from abroad. We get it. You’re a different person. You had an amazing experience. You expanded your horizons. You really grew as a human because now you know that you’re allergic to octopus. None of those testimonies will help me figure out whether I should hook up with the pretentious albeit hot local from my clase de filosofia, eat borscht before or after drinking vodka, or try to raise a stray Mexican cat on the DL.

Griffin Burrough ’18 presents some of the nitty gritty from his fall semester abroad in Copenhagen–notably his trip to Russia. Learn from his mistakes: either to repeat or avoid them.

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Snapchat: An Opinion


So earlier today I woke up to an updated version of Snapchat. When the app first became popular, I was a little skeptical; why would anyone ever need this app (except to send nudie pics of course)? However, as most people did, I took to it pretty quickly. Sending little doodles of my surroundings to people who were basically forced to look at what I found interesting for no longer than ten seconds. Yesterday though, they added a feature that presumably will change the way Snapchat’s users will interact with the app. The new features is called “Stories” and it could not be any dumber.

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Meet Chase: The Unwonted Speaker


We get a lot of submissions at the Thrill, we really try to run as many as we can, but there is always stuff that we don’t run for whatever reason.  A couple of weeks ago we got a submission from Matt Eley.  Matt doesn’t go to Kenyon, at least yet, but he will be attending next year.  Due to his proximity to campus, he has gotten to know the school pretty well and has even taken to writing about it.  His submission was three short stories, all centering around a Kenyon custodian named Chase and the mysteries he solves.  Generally the Thrill doesn’t do long-form so we tried to find the best way to share these with the Kenyon Community.  The best way we saw fit was to get a student to read his stories aloud.  We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Meet Chase after the jump.

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