In The Studio: Wholesome (FKA Chocolate For Dogs)


Welcome to In the Studio, a feature dedicated to exploring the fantastic independent musicians at Kenyon. This week, we showcase Wholesome, a four-piece band consisting of Shane Wells ’22 of Nashville, Oliver Pearson ’22 of Los Angeles, and Eli Haberberg ’22 and Elijah Newman ’22 of New York.

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Do it tonight: Pinegrove at Deb Ball

“Kenyon’s dreamiest English major” Evan Hall ’11 will be playing the Independent lounge stage (as a member of Pinegrove, “Kenyon’s most bioluminsecent late-00’s indie rock band”), at Deb Ball this evening.  It would behoove you to gussy up, dress your best, and get ready for some real introspective partying. Continue reading

Summer Music Catchup

Kenyon’s music “scene” is a strange, nebulous thing.  Half of the thing seems to exist exclusively at school, watching friends and strangers playing everywhere from the Horn to Peirce Hall to somebody’s Taft or Acland. The rest of it just hides out on the internet, and whether we’re checking Facebook Page updates from alumni or scouring Google for that one dude from the open mic’s BandCamp, we here at The Thrill do our best to keep on top of everything Kenyon musicians are doing.

Hit the jump for new songs, albums, and music videos, all by Kenyon students (past and present). And keep your eyes peeled for The Thrill’s first-ever profile of first-year musicians!

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New Thanksgiving Tuneage From Ryan Mach, Andrew Dunham, Pinegrove and More!

First off on my list of “things I’m thankful for” would probably be the Internet.  Bottomless social media and entertainment prospects aside (hi mom and dad, bye mom and dad), my job at The Thrill would basically be impossible without the file-sharing badassery made possible by all those cool little tubes.

Secondly, as their absence from the universe would also severely hamper my work here, I’d like to extend my hearty thanks to all the Internet-savvy musicians out there.  Dunno if you’ve ever spent time at Bandcamp, sat in the shade of a Soundcloud, or explored the outer limits of Myspace (that’s what we used before Facebook, for those of you graduating in 2016), but without those sites I would be nothing, you hear me?  Nothing.

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Student Music Envoys: Addie Pray, The BFGs, The Laurels, Sarah White

So my little brother is in a band and takes making music very seriously. And now that he’s a senior in high school, he’s super pumped to go to a school like Wesleyan/Oberlin/NYU that’s reputed for having lots of hip young people making cool sounds. To which I have said: “shut up, you’re coming to Kenyon.”

But frealz. Regardless of my brother’s particular undergraduate choice, the main point to be made here is that we go to a school full of awesome student musicians (see above link), a fact I think we don’t get enough credit for. And a handful of them have some new sounds for you, which you may play, download, buy, etc. (as the case may be) after the jump!

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Do It Tonight: Battle of the Bands @ the Horn Gallery

Pictured: official Social Board advertisement for B.O.T.B.

It’s that time of year again, kids.  Kenyon musicians will gather once more within the Horn Gallery to take part in an epic battle for that most coveted of prizes: an opening slot for Big Boi at Sendoff, which is arguably the most important event that will occur in your life over the next 20 days.

The student artists showcasing their talents come from all genres and walks of life.  They also rep a strange and colorful variety of band or act names – so in the spirit of yesterday’s Honors Day ceremony, we’ve decided to shell out awards to a few standouts.

See you at the Horn at 8!

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