Kenyon Entrepreneurs: Madeline Thompson ’16

Among Zippy Craft's wares are these adorable happy little crochet fishes.

Among Zippy Craft’s wares are these adorable happy little crochet fishes.

When she’s not chilling with Laci Green or Ollie the rabbit, Madeline Thompson ’16 is apparently hard at work sewing, crocheting, and smashing the patriarchy. On her very own Etsy, she offers a sleek Kenyon-purple keychain, fuzzy things to keep your hands and drinks warm, and a variety of other cute bits and bobs. The Thrill gets to know her and her online business after the jump.  Continue reading

Student Entrepreneurs: OLA Granola

Olivia Sterling '16, Lewis Thompson '16, and Anna Yukevich '16, the master chefs of OLA Granola

Olivia Sterling ’16, Lewis Thompson ’16, and Anna Yukevich ’16, the master chefs of OLA Granola

Let’s face it, granola is the saving grace of Peirce. Starting this weekend, homemade granola will be available in the servery, courtesy of Olivia Sterling ’16, Lewis Thompson ’16, and Anna Yukevich ’16. The Thrill had a chance to speak to Sterling, who came up with the idea in the fall.

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Student Entrepreneurs: Julie France ’15


Crafty people on campus seem to double every day, but only the craftiest sell their creations. Julie France ’15 was spotted selling cute and intricate headbands at last weekend’s craft bazaar at The Horn, so The Thrill sat down with France to find out a little more about the process.

When did you start making headbands and why?
I started making headbands during the summer of 2010. I was inspired by my older sister, Ellen, who made a few just for herself. So, I started making a bunch of headbands for myself and to sell. I love sewing and doing really detailed crafts, so this was the perfect solution. I decided on the name JUJU & EDGAR headwear because my nickname is Juju and since my sister’s name is Ellen, I call her anything that starts with an ‘e.’ So, naturally, Edgar was the most fitting. My sister only ended up making a couple of headbands, but I couldn’t drop the name.

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Student Entrepreneurs: Hannah Gray’ 15

Special Election Night buttons the Gund Gallery asked Hannah to assemble along with her view of her logo in the corner

If any of you have been to the Bookstore recently you have probably noticed the elegantly displayed buttons by the cash register. In case you didn’t know, Kenyon’s very own Hannah Gray ’15 designs, produces, and sells these buttons under her very own burgeoning button business called HG Buttons. Her buttons are quirky, eye catching, and, dare I say it, cute, (yes, I just made the cute as a button pun…) and you should all head on down to the Bookstore to spice up your otherwise dreary outfit or backpack with a button. Learn more after the jump!

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Student Entrepreneurs: Anna Wilhelm ’13

So, as it turns out, Kenyon students are good at other things besides being worldly and wise, and postponing important college negotiations. They also create and sell some really awesome things that you should probably keep in mind when the holiday season crashes upon you. Anna Wilhelm ’13 sells hand-made and customizable stamps on her Etsy store. This store will keep you exploring for just the pictures alone, until you reach the point where it’s creepy and you should probably go to bed. Learn more about Wilhelm’s creations after the jump!