Notes From Abroad: Poundtown

PoundlandIt was my first day at the University of Exeter. I had spent two days traveling, and the amount of dry body sweat layered on new sweat on another layer of dry sweat was approaching a dangerous level. As we left the bus in a Kenyon cluster like a strange Midwestern cult, we watched as Sarah Heidt and Sergei waved enthusiastically from the sidewalk with their matching windbreakers and brown sensible shoes.

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“What to Do With Too Much Papikra”

Hey fam! I’ve been in Dublin for the last couple of months now.  It’s such a lovely city and has been such a privilege to study abroad here.  Even more so than at Kenyon, it means that I’m extremely independent for the first time in my life having to cook for myself, buying my own dishes, and needing to -gasp- buy my own toilet paper.  Of course, because I’m a hot mess of a person, this means that I’ve been reliant on google more so than ever.  Segues are not my area of expertise, so without further ado here are some of my google searches that provided me with life-saving advice.

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Mistakes to Make/Avoid While Abroad


“Thanks to my time abroad, I came to understand perspectives I’d never considered and make connections with others in a whole new way! I can only describe it as life changing.”                ~Elana Spivack ’17 after taking a picture with this cat in Morocco

You just came back from abroad. We get it. You’re a different person. You had an amazing experience. You expanded your horizons. You really grew as a human because now you know that you’re allergic to octopus. None of those testimonies will help me figure out whether I should hook up with the pretentious albeit hot local from my clase de filosofia, eat borscht before or after drinking vodka, or try to raise a stray Mexican cat on the DL.

Griffin Burrough ’18 presents some of the nitty gritty from his fall semester abroad in Copenhagen–notably his trip to Russia. Learn from his mistakes: either to repeat or avoid them.

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10 o’clock list: Study Abroad in Ohio!


Have the abroad experience of a lifetime without leaving the corn fields you’ve come to know and love!

Geographically speaking, Gambier is located in the Middle of Nowhere. Understandably,  some students students feel stir crazy after a few years and embark on Off-Campus Study. Dozens of programs bring to bring them all over the world, from Argentina to New Zealand!

But why explore the world when you can visit the very cities you’ve been dreaming of… without leaving Ohio? Experience cultural immersion in the very same state. Look at this multitude of options, and get in touch with the OCS Office before it’s too late!

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Study Abroad Sound-Off

The deadline for the OCS application is coming up in just a few short days. If you’ve been undecided/confused/lost about the process, have no fear; the upperclassmen of the Thrill staff are here to save you! Below are just a few stories. Their sample size does not in any way represent each and every perspective, but regardless hopefully this helps clear some things up.

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