A Requiem For Those Abroad

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They were taken from us too soon.

It seems only weeks ago that the warm smiles of those who have gone to study abroad filled our lives here on the Hill, but now they have gone away. We miss them greatly, but we must take solace in the hope they have made their way to a better place, a happier one, where deadlines are extended until forever and the lines for food are always short. For it is only with this belief that we can carry on our lives in some way, which is what they would have wanted for us to do. Still, it would be appropriate to pause and remember those gone away.


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10 o’clock list: Things I Missed While Abroad (But Not Really)

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It’s the first week of Spring semester, and that means one thing: an influx of Juniors back on the Hill. Returning to Kenyon for the first time in months means that Juniors who studied off-campus must become reacquainted with everything they missed while they were gone. And it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the little things that make Kenyon special.

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I Came Back Early From Abroad — And That’s OK.

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I remember touring colleges as a senior in high school. Every tour guide and admissions counselor touted their colleges’ excellent study abroad programs. The statistics were off the charts–50% of juniors go abroad or nearly 80% of this year’s junior class studied off-campus. Great, I thought, Obviously I’ll do the same. Three years later, when it was finally time to make a decision as a sophomore at Kenyon, my thoughts were more or less the same. Everybody goes abroad. The people that don’t? Lame. Afraid. After all, I am a French literature, Anthropology double major. We are globally minded. We are supposed to do these types of things.

With these notions blindly leading the way, I set about choosing my program. Going to France as a French major? Psh. Typical. Europe was decidedly not for me. Having previously studied various parts and aspects of Africa with great interest (and keeping my language requirement in mind), I looked to the vast continent with a population of over a billion people for answers. I narrowed my options down to a program in Senegal and a program in Madagascar–two nations with French as an official language. I eventually dismissed the Senegal program after a friend referred to it as a “white kids in Africa kind of deal” due to its vague focus. Madagascar it was. Continue reading

Finish Your OCS Applications!

Get your butts in gear

Get your butts in gear

Sophomores- the time to finish your OCS applications is here. I know I speak for many of us when I say that I’ve been putting this off as long as possible, but the time for procrastination is over. Electronic components of the application are due TONIGHT at 11:59 p.m, and a hard copy of the Department Approval/Advisor Confirmation form is due at the CGE office today at 12:00 p.m -that’s noon, folks. Continue reading

Off Campus Study: The Flowchart

So long as you're fluent in a language, the world is your oyster. (via crzisme.deviantart.com.)

So long as you’re fluent in a language, the world is your oyster. (via crzisme.deviantart.com.)

Sophomores, it’s almost time to make a very big decision: if and where you want to study off campus. We’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but it’s time to actually figure stuff out. The decision can be a tough one, but luckily you don’t have to do it by yourself. The Thrill is here to hold your hand, helping you by providing this handy flowchart to solve all your problems:

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10 o’clock list: Study Abroad Programs I Wish They’d Make

Space: The Final Frontier (via npr.org).

Emails have started coming. Serious conversations with advisors have begun. Yes, for the sophomore class, the decision about whether or not to go on off-campus study looms close on the horizon. While seniors contemplate comps and first-years contemplate where in the Dickens is this place called Weaver, sophomores are poring over guides to study abroad programs and trying to make potentially life-changing decisions. Yet, some of these programs just seem so boring and a little outdated for the average fun-loving Kenyon student. Here are a few modest suggestions for the CGE to include in their thoughts as they flesh out next year’s choices.

1. The Renaissance Fair: Get some real-world experience while studying-off campus. In this program you will learn a detailed history of the Renaissance while simultaneously apprenticing with a number of different craftsmen. Travel around the United States and southern Canada while learning about the intricacies of European history. Learn such skills as cooking delicious turkey legs and building marshmallow-launching catapults, then learn the economics of running a small business. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to Game of Thrones this side of HBO. Recommended for History, Sociology, Economics and American Studies Majors.

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