Ideas I Gave My Roommate for Her Stop-Motion Animation Projects


Spoiler Alert: She didn’t take any of them! Not out of lack of love or trust, but just because they fell short of her vision, artistically speaking. Stop-motion animation is, perhaps, one of the most difficult artistic crafts in the movie and art-making game, which is why I am so utterly impressed that some of my fellow compatriots are making fantastic feature short films from what we know as the cradle of civilization, Gambier, OH. How these studio art kids find artistic (divine?) inspiration in this tiny town is frankly beyond me. So of course, I gotta take some type of crack at it! God, this might be for a pretty niche audience but I think it’s working. Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Finals

This may be one of the more controversial lists ever posted on the Thrill.  Well probably not, you seem to find a lot of other stuff to fight about, but what music you study to always seems to be a point of contention.  So while this playlist might not be exhaustive or even remotely accurate, that is why we have a comment function.  Add to the list, contribute to your peers study habits.

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Hey so about Send-Off

Hey so about Send-Off, it totally happened. Regardless of whatever you heard, it happened. Seriously it might even be happening right now, I’m pretty sure it is. Peirce is still open, and it never tasted so good. Get out in the sun, you doiners, because nap time is closing in and this experience is only three (maybe four) times in a life time.

Distract Yo’ Self: Internet Games Edition


Hey there everybody.  Finals week got you down?  Need a little break from that paper looming over your head?  Then try using the internet for what it was intended for.  No, not researching 16th century French architecture for your art history final tomorrow.  Distracting yourself with mindless, pedantic games to keep you from getting anything even remotely productive done!

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