Watches of Kenyon

When I arrived at Kenyon two months ago, I noticed a lot more people wore watches here than in high school. This made me start to wear my own watch daily, and now if I go a day without it, I glance at my empty wrist every five seconds (not that I would know– I can’t see what time it is). In particular, I noticed the wide array of watches Kenyon students wear. So here are a few, ranked from most to least practical.

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A Kenyon Klothes Swap Vol. V


Welcome to WWE (stands for Kenyon Klothes Swap) featuring Tyler “Ron “Big Body” Matthews”  Raso and Ellie “Caitlin “Rock Lobster” Martin” Melick. Fortunately we are lovers, not fighters, so instead of competing we gave each other makeovers.

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Kenyon Etiquette: When To Wear Sunglasses


sunglasses jersey shore gif

Now that we’ve escaped the terrible gloom that is winter in Gambier, the sun is out more often and ready to get in your eyes. It’s time to whip out your trusty sunglasses, unless you actually enjoy awkwardly half-winking at people around campus if you aren’t shielding your eyes at all times. But sometimes the sun goes away and there you are, continuing to don your shades in the shade like an idiot. What are you to do?

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Middle Path Style: Keeping it Stylin’ During Finals

It is officially Friday. Meaning that your classes are drawing to a close and finals are inevitably drawing nearer. The general reaction seems to be to run to the library dressed in sweats and a leopard print Snuggie and stay there until you can breathe easy once again. It is nice to see however, that some students are keeping their cool and have not resorted to blanket fashion trends just yet. Our fashion photographer with the help of myself have managed to find some stylin’ students who are still keeping it together amidst the paralyzing fear of finals. I, personally salute all of you. Good job!

Clifford Eberhardt '13

Clifford Eberhardt ’13

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