PSA: It’s Awktober

when ur just trying to stay positive but ur slowly rotting from the inside.jpg (via Blogspot)

It is an Undeniable Truth that this time of the year is basically when everything starts to fall (HAHA) to pieces: stress about midterms, anxiety about the approaching winter months, general homesickness, other typical Life on the Hill-induced fits of stir-craziness tend to pile up, and it is for these reasons that we lovingly bestow upon this month the name of Awktober, or the Struggle Month.

But before you do something drastic like deciding to use your fall break to complete your transfer application to OSU/try to force-mulligan all your classes by faking your death/scream in my face “OCTOBER?? I BARELY KNOW HER!!”, take a deep breath. Step back, realize that October Break is nearly here, and take a firm grasp on your life.

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Have Something to Say? Say it Here!

“I’ll call for pen and ink and write my mind.” -The Bard (via Boston University)

We all know Kenyon is a place where people think deep thoughts, and probably write about them. Well, we want to know what you’re thinking! The Thrill is soliciting for your “heart posts”–things you care about, and want other people to know about. These can range from issues on campus to stories about you to your opinions on the world at large! We’re interested in anything and everything in any tone, so long as it’s interesting and it’s a topic you’re passionate about. If you’re interested in the details of submitting, read on Macduff! Continue reading