Editorial: A Response from Student Council

via nickomargolies.com

via nickomargolies.com

The following is an open letter to the Kenyon community written by Student Council with support from select editors of The Thrill.

To the Kenyon Community,

Student Council has been working to serve as a voice for the students after years of stagnancy. The fact that the administration continues to release announcements without collecting our input, or giving us any forewarning, suggests that they either do not trust students to be strong advisors, or they do not believe student input is necessary.  

We have our own feelings about the recently announced changes, but rather than write from our own perspective, we will let the students speak for themselves.  Below is a compilation of feedback from emails with student council, a survey by The Thrill, YikYak posts, and Facebook posts, followed by a request for a response from the administration on behalf of Student Council.   Continue reading

Sendoff Date Changes, New Rules for 2016

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Update: The Thrill is conducting a survey to gauge opinions on these changes. Check it out here. (Alums, feel free to email us thekenyonthrill @ gmail.com with opinions.)

In an email sent to students this morning, the College announced a new date for the annual Summer Sendoff Concert as well as new rules that will apply this year. Continue reading

First-year Reactions to Sendoff


This post was co-authored by two of our first-year writers. 


Let’s talk about how everyone says Send Off is super fun because it’s outdoors and there’s music and free pizza and drinking starting in the morning. Do you know what this sounds like? This sounds like a lot of fun, but also somehow in my mind I assumed I was going to Coachella. And honestly if you think about it Send Off is as close to Coachella as Ohio is going to get (honorable mention: Potatostock).

Continue reading