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10 o’clock list: Things to Tell your Friends You Did when You Didn’t Do Anything This Summer

It’s that time of year again – when you see your friends for the first time in months, asking them how their summer was before you could stop yourself from avoiding the topic. You know what comes next: how was your summer? We all know you didn’t really do anything important or impressive, so here are some things to tell

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That’s All, Folks

Well, it’s been one hell of a year — the Thrill is going on summer break, and barring any major news story or even more major news story, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled bloggings-about-town in the fall. Thank you for your readership, ideas and feedback — HAGS, guys. HAGS. Love, Emma Specter ’15, Claire Berman ’16 and the

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Tips On Not Getting An Internship

Summer is fast approaching, and nobody will shut up about internships. Yes, they are important and all that jazz, but come on. You know all you want to do is spend the summer poolside and/or on your couch watching Netflix. When your parents come asking about your progress in applying for your unpaid internship, here are some tips to rendering

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Packing/Storage But Have Been Afraid to Ask

Since The Thrill tries to be open with its readers, I am going to confide something in you guys for a moment. I got a little catty with my editor when I was assigned this topic because storagemakesmeanxious and Ihateitmakeitstop.  Anyway, I finally mustered up the courage to do some research. After a survey of my peers, I cobbled together some answers to

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