Tips On Not Getting An Internship

lol @ internships

Summer is fast approaching, and nobody will shut up about internships. Yes, they are important and all that jazz, but come on. You know all you want to do is spend the summer poolside and/or on your couch watching Netflix. When your parents come asking about your progress in applying for your unpaid internship, here are some tips to rendering your application useless while still feigning interest and progress. Continue reading

10 o’clock list: 5 “Come to Jesus Moments” You Need to Have Before You Move Home

fucking kids 2

Don’t forget to get back in touch with social norms before you leave.

Oh, you’re headed home? Thrilling. Before you spout off about your plans to do everything, let’s take a minute to talk about heading home. You may encounter those things called parents and siblings. Shit. Don’t panic, as per usual we have your back. Some tips for pulling yourself together before you bounce:

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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Packing/Storage But Have Been Afraid to Ask

My mental image of a storage unit (via

Since The Thrill tries to be open with its readers, I am going to confide something in you guys for a moment. I got a little catty with my editor when I was assigned this topic because storagemakesmeanxious and Ihateitmakeitstop.  Anyway, I finally mustered up the courage to do some research. After a survey of my peers, I cobbled together some answers to “the questions you were too afraid to ask about storage,” for those of you with post-traumatic-storage-disorder like me. Continue reading