Springtime at Kenyon

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The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and early morning construction has started – these things can only mean that Spring has arrived at Kenyon once again! Now that you can go outside for more than five minutes at a time, Kenyon’s campus can really lend itself to some fun activities! In this post, we’ll explore some of the possibilities.

Location One:  The Lawn There’s a reason that as soon as it’s more than 60 degrees outside everyone finds themselves soaking up the sun on the lawn. Whether you chill in an Adirondack chair or straight up lay on the grass, Peirce Lawn is a perfect spot for relaxation. Some activities you can do (besides lazing outside forever) include: tossing around a frisbee, playing “Wonderwall” for all your collegiate friends, and posing for brochure pictures. Continue reading

Weekend Playlist: Surviving ‘Til Spring

We were so close guys.  So close.  Here I was, planning on breaking out the flips flops and shorts and basking in that glorious sunlight as it showered down on us.  But then it snowed…and it rained…and crushed my hopes that we’d finally made it to gorgeous spring weather.  Here’s some stuff to remind you that there actually is a time of the year when the sun isn’t covered by a layer of clouds thicker than a concrete milkshake.

So, not to start things out too on the nose, but:

Waiting for the Sun– The Doors

Could I have found a different cover of this song?  Yes.  Would it satisfy my urge to use college resources to post Pogues songs?  You tell me.

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Weekend Drink: The I’m So Excited Kenyon Is Like #*&!Kamp%*~LOL

So true rIte?

I feel like every Saturday when I’m reading a big boring book, everyone else is biking around Kenyon, playing James Taylor, talking about their feelings which are no longer colored by extreme weather affective disorder, “-because how could I be sad anymore the sun is shining it is a beautiful day oh my god we’re so blessed I’m gonna cry I love you guys!” Well fuck you guys, because I still have a ton of work. But if you want to drink in the afternoon, go ahead. I even have a drink for you.

  • Some Pomegranate Juice- Who cares how much?
  • Ginger- Not the sushi kind. The raw kind. Peel some and drop it like it’s hot.
  • Stir with my dick.

10 o’clock(ish) List: The Top 5 Faculty/Staff Names at Kenyon

There are some pretty cool people who work at Kenyon, and some of them have pretty cool names. Here are the top five names I, whose full meh-moniker is David James Hoyt, envy.

5. Anna Xiao Dong Sun (Assistant Professor of Sociology): You know why. (What’s that? You don’t know why?)

4. Pamela G. Camerra-Rowe (John B. McCoy Bank One Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Political Science): This isn’t so much because of her name, but because of her sprawling title. Imagine fitting that on a business card! Camerra-Rowe also goes by the (affectionate) nickname “Pamela C-Minus Rowe.”

3. Royal W. Rhodes, (Donald L. Rogan Professor of Religious Studies): His first name is Royal! So classy. The alliteration doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Barbara J. Hammer (Telecommunications Officer in the Department of Campus Safety): This is such a cool name for a Campus Safety officer. Don’t drink in first-year areas, or else THE HAMMER WILL COME DOWN ON YOU!

And after the jump…the number one name at Kenyon!

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